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   Dreadful Tales

Dreadful Tales
by Richard Laymon

Category: Fiction / Horror
312 pages; ISBN: 0747271593

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Luke Croll


As well as writing novels, Richard Laymon also has written some short
stories. This, in conjunction with 'Fiends' and 'Out Are The Lights', means that all
his short stories have been published in the UK.

Short fiction, in comparison with novels, is hard to review as there is not so
much that one can say about it. Here, Richard Laymon has collated some interesting
stories, some not a lot longer than a page, which have an interesting and shocking
twist in the end. He goes in for some gruesome stuff, mixing vampires, sexual
deviancy and murder, making a cornucopia of horror. It is true that some are similar
to others, but this is the problem with a collection where the majority of the stories
have already been published separately.

If you are a Laymon fan, you will find these most enjoyable and they will
bridge the gap until the release of his next novel. They will also appeal to seasoned
horror fans. If you just wish to try some Laymon, this is an ideal place to start, as they
will give you an accurate idea of his style and talent before you try a full-length novel.


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