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The Fifth Sorceress
by Robert Newcomb

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
624 pages; ISBN: 0345448928

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Over three centuries ago, the malevolent Coven nearly destroyed Eutracia. However, the kingdom’s wizards managed to defeat the evil sorceresses. The victory resulted in exile of the surviving sorceresses across the vast ocean to Parthalon, the ban on female magic practitioners within the realm, and required vows by male applicators to remain on the side of the light.

Plotting vengeance and final destruction of their enemies, the sorceresses begin a diabolical plot to obliterate Eutracia and its magical do-gooders through the regal line. They plan to abduct Princess Shailiha so that a special doomsday machine incantation can be completed that will result in either their victory or the end of the planet. Only her brother Prince Tristan and his advisor Wigg the wizard stand in the way of the sorceresses’ success.

THE FIFTH SORCERESS is clearly one of the top three fantasy tales of the year. The story line is typical good vs. evil epic with the forces of the light led by a reluctant hero and his wise advisory wizard while their opponents will stop at nothing including global destruction to gain victory. However, Wigg, whose advice does not always work, makes the tale as he misinterprets things leading to unfortunate calamity and even when he is on target things can still go wrong in a Murphy sort of way. Thus, the quest becomes real as the audience never knows what will succeed or fail even whether Tristan will win the day. This novel heralds a tremendous new force in the genre as Robert Newcomb casts quite a spell on the audience.

Harriet Klausner


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