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Juno Lucina
by Mandy Hager

Category: Fiction / General
248 pages; ISBN: 1590889126

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Alan Chromain was stabbed to death while trying to help a woman who was being assaulted by two men. The woman escaped but his widow Tess is angry that Alan played the Good Samaritan because that left her alone and lonely. It’s been fifteen months since Alan’s death and Tess is still in mourning. She doesn’t listen to her banker; she’s in danger of losing her job; and she pushes away everyone who cares about her.

When her friend Jeff returns from overseas, he moves into Tess’ home as a lodger. They become romantically involved but Tess cannot let Alan go, so she pushes Jeff away and asks him to move out. It takes a near tragedy for Tess to accept herself and move on with her life and make peace with a part of her life she never wanted to acknowledge.

JUNO LUCINA is a haunting and poignant tale about a woman who feels she has lost everything and doesn’t have the strength to move on in life after the tragedy. The heroine is very endearing, so much so that the audience hurts with her. Mandy Hager has written an insightful drama about the human condition.

Reader to Reader: Harriet Klausner


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