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In the Shadow of the Green Line
by Sophia Petrou

Category: Fiction / General
309 pages; ISBN: 0786241160

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Her mother inherited the estate from her own father years ago, but did nothing with it because the land is in Dhereria, Cypress while she and her husband live in Florida. However, when her spouse becomes so ill with cancer that the medical bills leave the family bankrupt, her mother decides it is time to sell her inheritance. She gives Alexa Karras power of attorney so that the former University of Miami researcher can sell the property. Alexa flies to the Mediterranean island to sell the land.

However, her cousin Nick, a former member of an organization trying to remove the Turks from the island, opposes the sale and reluctantly seems to help Alexa though he creates barriers instead. Nick’s wife Eve is much friendlier with the visiting second generation American. Eve asks Alexa to search for the origin of a Byzantine crucifix, but that leads to the police interrogating her. Soon Alexa meets fellow Yank Peter Winters and a romance begins.

IN THE SHADOW OF THE GREEN LINE provides a tremendous look at Cypress, a tumultuous spot that is quiet especially when compared to Afghanistan and the nuclear poker over Kashmir. The story line is a powerhouse when it focuses on how Alexa sees the island and its people. The romance is an unnecessary detour away from a deep unique look that shows Sophia Petrou has the talent to entertain and education, but needs to stay on the critical path.

Harriet Klausner


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