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God of the Grim
by Kate Hill

Category: Fiction / Horror
246 pages; ISBN: 1586974068

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Vampires are actually aliens who chose to make Earth their home. The first settlers are called Originals. Hybrids were humans who were turned after being bitten by a vampire and Immaculates are the result of a mating between two Hybrids. Dr. Matthew Winter, an eminent hematologist, is married to renown artist an Immaculate Dulcie Evans. They are very happy together until fellow vampire and scientist Jay Ashford enters their lives.

He recruits Matthew to work at his lab, which devotes itself to research on vampires. At first Matthew is very happy working in a place whose vision is to better his race, but he soon learns that Jay is abusing an Original child. When the vampire Network refuses to put a halt to the inhumane treatment, Matthew kidnaps the child. On the run from Jay, the network and even his wife, the scientist must find proof that Jay is evil if he wants to regain his former normal life.

Kate Hill is a brilliant storyteller who has created a society of vampires that is so believable, readers will know they live among us. The hero is a complex being, one who does what’s right even if it means gaining the wrath of his own kind including his beloved spouse. The fascinating story line works on several levels due to the strong interesting support cast as much as the powerful prime players. GOD OF THE GRIM contains many characters who deserve their own story be told that hopefully Ms. Hill climbs that mountain and does so.

Harriet Klausner


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