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   Trial And Retribution V

Trial And Retribution V
by Lynda La Plante & Robin Blake

Category: Fiction / Crime
272 pages; ISBN: 0330489127

Rating: 7/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Luke Croll


As the title suggests, this is the fifth in Lynda La Plante's long-running 'Trial & Retribution' series and has again been accompanied by a TV version. This time, DCI Walker is engaged in investigating a case with remarkable similarities to the real-life 25
Cromwell Street case, in which the bodies of numerous women were found in the house and garden. However, he has problems in his own life too, due to a worsening relationship with DI Pat North.

There comes a time when there is really no need to keep churning out book after book. Admittedly, Lynda La Plante did not write the book itself, but developed the screenplay and the original idea, with Blake adapting it for the novel form. However, La Plante is clearly
squandering her talents. We have seen that she can write some excellent stuff, so being stuck in the 'Trial & Retribution' rut is not a good idea.

This is, of course, not to say that this is a bad book. In fact, it is quite an easy read that isn't overly complicated. Due to this, you
will find the pages flying by. However, when La Plante could be out there developing new characters and original storylines, she is still
producing police procedurals that do not add anything new to the genre. North and Walker were interesting in the first couple of books
and there, La Plante produced some very enjoyable TV and literature. Here, we have an average work and a sense of bordom. It may well be that this book works better in TV form than it does in novel form.

Overall, there is nothing special here. Someone wanting to try to La Plante for the first time would be better off reading one of her
better works, such as 'Widows' or 'The Governor', both of which also made compelling TV viewing. I look forward to her next "proper" novel in the hope that it is better.


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