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   No Sanctuary

No Sanctuary
by Richard Laymon

Category: Fiction / Horror
281 pages; ISBN: 0747269319

Rating: 7/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Luke Croll


The horror world lost a great author when Richard Laymon passed away and everyone now is waiting to see if there will be any more
posthumous novels. In this novel, Laymon takes the reader out to the wilderness.

Rick would do anything for his girlfriend, Bert and they go on holiday to Fern Lake. Gillian is also on holiday, but her idea of holiday is
breaking into other people’s houses and using all their facilities. This time, she breaks into a serial killer’s house who likes to take
his victims into the wilderness. Bert and Rick aren’t the only ones going out camping.

Laymon has written some brilliant novels and some not so good ones. 'No Sanctuary' teeters on the border between the two. Whilst it is an
enjoyable read and the pace is fast, the book is so unbelievable there were points in which I almost had to stop reading in disbelief. Now, I
like escapism as much as the next person but you really would have to be very credulous to believe this story.

Laymon includes his trademark sex, shock and horror and you will easily be able to read the book in a couple of hours. However, as much
as I like Laymon, this story is only an average read and didn't catch my attention anywhere near as much as books like 'Night In The Lonesome October' or 'The Midnight Tour'.


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