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by Elaine Corvidae

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
244 pages; ISBN: 0759901880

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Knowing the ice is taking control of his land and making it more and more hostile, Emperor Jahcgroth decides the only way to save his people and his rule is to relocate to a more hospitable locale. He chooses Jenel, persuading the corrupt advisors to the young Queen Rozah that marriage between the royals is good for both countries.

The famous wizard Ax believes the end justifies the mean. In that regard he sends Suchen and her sworn warriors to safely escort Trethya. Next Ax dispatches Yozerf to assist his warriors even as Suchen and the other escorts begin to understand the importance Trethya plays in a world going mad. Now instead of a convoy, they are on a quest to free Rozah from her stifling wardens and from the necromancer Emperor Jahcgroth. However, though with them, the warriors detest Yozerf as an unworthy half-breed. Yozerf does not help himself with his fellow freedom fighters as he distrusts everyone.

Fans of romantic fantasy will fully enjoy WOLFKIN, a strong entry due to the fully developed key cast members and a realm filled with magic that seems to exist. The story line is filled with twists and turns so that the reader is never sure what will happen next, but Elaine Corvidae never loses sight of the prime theme of her tale. Readers will look forward to more adventures in the world of Jenel perhaps a final confrontation between an amoral magic practitioner and an angry young man with an ax to grind.

Harriet Klausner


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