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Caress of Twilight
by Laurell K. Hamilton

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
336 pages; ISBN: 0345435273

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Princess Merry of the Unseelie Court has been made co-heir to the throne along with her cousin Cel. The first one to get pregnant or give a woman an heir will be the new ruler of the court. Even though Cel is under punishment now for six months, Merry has too many enemies to feel safe at the court. She returns to Los Angeles with her harem of males (fertile sidhe who can get her pregnant) and goes back to her old job as a private detective.

A very famous movie star Maeve Reed hires Merry to perform a fertility rite so she can get pregnant by her husband before he dies. She was banished from the Seelee Court because she knows a secret about its’ king that would get him killed if it was ever revealed. Before Merry can perform the ceremony, the Nameless has been released on the world with Merry and Maeve as its specific targets, and unless someone can stop it, a massacre will occur.

Readers were introduced to Merry in A KISS OF SHADOWS but in the sequel, A CARESS OF TWILIGHT Merry finally comes into her own. She is no longer fearful and anxious, but instead is a fully mature woman ready to fight to keep her people safe. There is enough romance, action, fantasy and adventure to keep lovers of all genres satiated.

Harriet Klausner


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