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Gryphon's Quest
by Candace Sams

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
199 pages; ISBN: 1893896722

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


In her capacity as the protector of a secretive magical order, the Sorceress of the Ancients worries that someone stole three rune stones that enable the owner to shape shift. She directs Druid Warrior, Gryphon O’Connor to retrieve the stones before someone learns of their power and consequently enable humanity to learn about their order clandestinely living amongst mankind.

Gryphon journeys to New York where the artifacts have been delivered, but appears he is too late as the stones apparently were used to commit the murder of a guard at the Manhattan Museum of Antiquities. Gryphon knows he needs help and turns to museum employee Heather Green for assistance in finding the stones amidst the humongous edifice. Heather rejects Gryphon’s story that the stolen rune stones probably led to the guard’s murder even as she finds herself attracted to this lunatic. As Gryphon and Heather fall in love, he wonders whether the Sorceress of The Ancients will allow he and his beloved to live when the prime directive is to hide their existence from the mundane world.

GRYPHON’S QUEST is a tremendous tale that contains much appeal to readers of fantasy, mystery, and romance. The story line is brilliantly devised so that elements from each genre smoothly intertwine into a strong tale. Gryphon is a lonely hero in a Prometheus sort of way while Heather is a wonderfully intrepid heroine who bridges the gap between mankind and myth-kind. Readers who relish a powerfully written amateur sleuthing romantic fantasy will want to peruse Candace Sams opening gamut in what the audience will hope is a long running series.

Harriet Klausner


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