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Daughter of the Game
by Tracy Grant

Category: Fiction / Historical
483 pages; ISBN: 0066211336

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


In 1819 London, a Spaniard abducts Colin, the son of aristocratic Melanie and Charles Fraser. The obvious motives are either ransom as Charles is a well to do grandson of a duke or political reasons because he is a parliamentary reformist. However, they learn that the lead kidnapper wants neither. Instead he believes that Charles and Melanie from their recent activities on the Peninsular against Napoleon know the location of the Carevalo Ring, an item supposedly containing power to protect its bearer while its symbolism will gain supporters.

The Frasers’ search for their son leads them to actress Helen Trevennen. However, she seems to be one step ahead of her pursuers. As they give chase, Charles is stunned to learn that Melanie was a French spy even while he the same exact job for the English. As he struggles to accept her revelation, he knows he must concentrate on the task to rescue Colin, an innocent pawn in this cold game.

Though the twists and turns seem somewhat obvious, the charm of THE DAUGHTER OF THE GAME is the clever way Tracy Grant enables the reader to see the same event through varying perspectives. Relativity depends on one’s background and current position. The characters are a delightful group especially the Frasers recoiling from one shock after another yet like the bunny keep on ticking because the goal is the life of their son. The support cast adds depth to the chase, but mostly provides a different viewpoint and a feel for the immediate post Napoleonic decade. Ms. Grant takes the historical fiction fans to enjoyable levels with this wonderful entry.

Harriet Klausner


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