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Kushiel's Chosen
by Jacqueline Cary

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
700 pages; ISBN: 0312872399

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Having saved Terre d'Ange (see KUSHIEL’S DART), Phedre no Delaunaey is proud of becoming a member of the peerage yet bored with the acceptable social life as the Comtesse de Montrève. Tedium changes into anticipation as Phedre learns that her deadly enemy Melisande has escaped from incarceration. Phedre knows that Melisande will do anything including treason to avenge her recent defeat. At about the same time, though the young queen is popular amongst the people, there are others who believe she is unworthy of the throne. If Melisande joins with these traitors hell will break loose in the land.
A former anguisette Phedre feels an adrenaline rush as she plans to return to her vocation while chasing down her foe. However, the hunted becomes the prey when, in spite of her anguisette talents and her abilities to spy, Phedre becomes the prisoner of Melisande. With no hope to escape from her mountaintop jail on an isolated island, Phedre understands the consequence if she fails to find her freedom and stop the sedition led by Melisande.
KUSHIEL’S CHOSEN is an intriguing fantasy that follows the adventures of its heroine trying to save her world. The problem is that in an extremely short time, Kushiel hops from one adventure to another without any closure at a pace that would make Indiana Jones require bed rest against a villain who seems to have lost her bite at least in this sequel. Though not as strong as its predecessor, KUSHIEL’S DART, Phedre still remains an interesting champion who readers will root for in hope that she attains a slow but glorious victory.

Harriet Klausner


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