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Dream of Fire
by Nicholas C. Prata

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
247 pages; ISBN: 1889758280

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Kathryn Lively


As the world teeters on the brink of apocalypse, with armored warriors ravaging and plundering cities under the supervision of the heartless Kerebos Ikar, a simple priest from the holy city of Kawn Aharon is charged with a monumental task: to find this barbarian and win him to the true faith. Antiphon al-Caliph, of the Order of the White Flame, embarks reluctantly on his journey. He is unsure that he will see his son and Kwan Aharon again, unsure of whether or the self-appointed angel of death, the godless ikar, will have him slaughtered at first sight. Uncertainties become more plentiful when the two do finally meet.

Underneath the layers of Prata's fantasy novel Dream of Fire lays a philosophical tale of redemption and trust. Kerebos, despite the fearless and rough exterior, is a complex man haunted by dreams of a blazing fire that terrorizes and accuses him. His only escape is to further incite violence, but when a serious injury places him in the care of the White Flame priests Kerebos finds the perhaps his current identity - characterized by his oft-bloody sword Mistaaka - is not true.

Prata creates in Dream of Fire a world in which anger and chaos collides with strength of faith; battle scenes are vivid with crashing swords and broken bodies. Though the story appears supplied with stock characters - the trollish enemy from within (the snarling priest Montanus), the femme fatale (Selah, Antiphon's unfaithful beloved), the wizened sage (Dokein, this world's papal equivalent) - Dream of Fire is nonetheless a solid read, a book for the fantasy reader who enjoys an intelligent story of adventure.


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