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Trust Me Once
by Jan Coffey

Category: Fiction / Crime
0 pages; ISBN: 1-55166-859-9

Rating: 7/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Carolyn Howard-Johnson


Reviewed by Carolyn Howard-Johnson
author of "This is the Place"

In "Trust Me Once," there are enough people after Sarah Rand--even though she is officially dead—to make a reader dizzy. Somehow, the authors (a husband and wife team working under the pen name of Jan Coffee) use that to heighten suspense.
The two of them also manage to put together a really smart, independent, beautiful, female protagonist with a yummy, sexy, talented, bright male lead. You know, the kind that a reader can not only drool over but also believe. There must be something to pairing male and female perceptions to produce characters with dimension.
They also do something rather miraculous with delayed sex. I did not find this boring. It was rather like a hard to catch beau—all the more desirable because he doesn’t fall into line too quickly. And the suspense line provided plenty of the ups and downs and ins and outs to keep me turning pages when there were lots better summertime things to be doing.
This writing team also explores the issue of trust, another male/female thing that just may be better for having two contributing instead of one.
So, is this a good read? Yes. Is it entertaining? Absolutely. Will you like the characters? Sure. Are you going to carry the story with you always? Probably not. If that’s what you want, go back to one of those classics that you substituted Cliff Notes for when you were in school. This is a suspenseful romance, and that is quite enough.

(The reviewer, Carolyn Howard-Johnson, is the author of the award-winning novel, "This is the Place." Sona Ovasapyan, Student at Charles University, Prague, The Czech Republic, says,
“This author’s words set me free.” Find out more at


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