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I'll Never Find Anything in Here
by Susan Younan Attiya

Category: Fiction / General
46 pages; ISBN: 189310832-5

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Carolyn Howard-Johnson


Title: I'll Never Find Anything in Here!
Author Susan Younan Attiyah

For ages 2-8

By Carolyn Howard-Johnson,
Author of "This is the Place"

OK. All those who have children with messy rooms, raise their hands! This is the book for you.
I’ll Never Find Anything in Here by Susan Younan Attiyah is an adorable story based on her experiences with her own two sons. It doesn’t have a single preachy moment. We have an understanding mom, one with a sense of humor. We have two little boys, one who has something to learn about organization. And we have adorable illustrations. This new book is all that’s needed to set up a quiet, no TV interval for the children; it’s also one that can be reread whenever they need a gentle reminder about the status of their bedrooms.

(Carolyn Howard-Johnson’s is a freelance writer with an award-winning novel, "This Is The Place."
Leora Krygier, author of "Fist Came the Raven," and referee of the LA County Superior Court, says, "Carolyn Howard-Johnson paints us a picture
of Utah, love, family, and intolerance in beautiful strokes. Her elegant prose and eye for fine detail takes us on a fascinating journey through Mormon Country. This is a novel that both teaches and touches.” Learn more at or
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