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by Jennifer Roberson

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
432 pages; ISBN: 0886779545

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Tiger and Del fled Southron when he failed to heed the call of his sword-dancers as required by his oath in order to rescue her. The partners healed on the island of Skandi, but the loss of some of his fingers leaves Tiger handicapped in a duel. When the vision of a dead woman calls him to return to get the true sword probably buried under rock, Tiger knows he must go home though he faces a certain death penalty.

Tiger and Del travel to Julah where they meet an old friend, cantina owner Fouad, who is frightened to see the legendary pair. When they last met, Fouad betrayed Tiger and Del by spiking their drinks at the demand of the now dead but then deadly Sabra. Word spreads that Tiger is back and a fellow Alimat sword dancer challenges him to the death. If he survives that duel, Tiger and Del know their latest perilous adventure has just begun.

SWORD-SWORN, the sixth Tiger-Del tale, is a fabulous sword and sorcery tale that keeps the characters’ behavior constant with past novels yet provides a fresh feel to the adventures. Newcomers will enjoy this book as a stand alone, but gain much more pleasure by starting with the first story. Tiger is an intriguing individual who has grown over the saga due to his association with his Northern lover. On the other hand, Del remains a staunch woman’s libber in a world that is shocked by strong females, but often places the duo in unnecessary danger. Still Jennifer Roberson furbishes her readers a powerful epic fantasy that lives up to the author’s special dedication.

Harriet Klausner


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