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   Gypsy Masala

Gypsy Masala
by Preethi Nair

Category: Fiction / General
195 pages; ISBN: 0953686604

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Dan Champion


"Tell me about your dreams and if you have dared to follow them", the narrator asks the three members of the Vishavan family. Evita, Sheila and her husband Bali each recount a soulful narrative which reveals the complexity of their relationships, the emotions, fears and dreams they have decided to follow, or indeed leave well alone.

Gypsy Masala is a book with a simple message, delivered in an entertaining style. The three main characters, all in their own different ways dislocated from their native India to England, are sympathetically portrayed, faults and all: Evita / Molu who finds the courage to leave her unsatisfying life behind to pursue "The African Dancer", the metaphor used in the book for one`s dreams and fleeting opportunities of life; Sheila, in touch with her true emotions despite the grief she still feels for her lost child; and Bali, who followed the African Dancer once upon a time but was led to a place he never wishes to return to.

Preethi Nair`s first novel is full of humour, honesty, deceit, sadness, and happiness, but most importantly lead characters who come alive through the writing. A charming, touching read which is highly recommended.


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