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   Bag of Bones

Bag of Bones
by Stephen King

Category: Fiction / Horror
529 pages; ISBN: 0-684-85350-7

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: William Fare


It`s often said that Stephen King is a great storyteller, but not necessarily a great writer. I have probably said it a time or two myself, after reading one of King`s over long novels that just didn`t grab me. However, with "Bag of Bones" (1998), I found for the first time since "The Tommy knockers" just how great it is to inhabit that fictional area in rural Maine that Stephen King`s tales always return to.

In "Bag of Bones", we find novelist Mike Noonan, who has lost his wife, their unborn child, and with them the ability to write. To try and uncover the mystery of his wife`s death, or at least work through his grief, Noonan heads for his summer cabin that his wife loved. Once there, he soon discovers an evil that has claimed more lives than he could imagine.

Soon, through a series of geniunely hilarious circumstances, Mike meets single mom Mattie and her 3-year old daughter, who share a bizarre link to the past with him. For a hundred years an angry woman`s spirit has sought out her revenge on the descendants of the men who raped and murdered her and her child. Not be the sort of place that people move away from, the local old-timers are all too eager to forget about the things that their great grandparents did, no matter what evil spirit is working in their midst. Before long, the town itself is acting as antagonist.

Stephen King has thrown a lot into the pot on this one. There`s child adoption laws, the racism of our ancestors, the loss of a loved one, not to mention a romantic ghost story of sorts. I`ve had hard times with a Stephen King book or two. Sometimes a thousand pages doesn`t make the book better, just heavier. But "Bag of Bones", still a long read, ended too soon for me. The characters that we meet here, in both the present and the distant past, are some of King`s best to date. Hurry up and read it before someone ruins it by making a movie.


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