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   Hunting With Hemingway

Hunting With Hemingway
by Hilary Hemingway

Category: Fiction / General
272 pages; ISBN: 1573221597

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


When her beloved mother died from cancer, she left Hilary with a cassette tape that recorded the musings of her long dead father, Leicester "Baron" Hemingway, Ernest`s younger brother. The tape contained stories of the alleged exploits of Baron and Papa as they hunted game mostly in Africa. Hilary, her spouse Jeffrey, and their daughter Bear begin a quest to determine whether the stories are genuine or just tall tales from an excellent storyteller.

Even if a reader is not a Hemingway fan, they will absolutely enjoy HUNTING HEMINGWAY because Baron`s tales are entertaining and fun short stories. Whether the stories are true, hyperbole, or totally made-up,the insight into the relationship between Baron and his deep admiration and respect for Papa, who returns his sibling`s love, humanizes one of the literary legends. Toss in Hilary`s quest in search of her elusive father makes this one of the best anthology collections of the year.


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