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   The Stone of Light

The Stone of Light
by Christian Jacq

Category: Fiction / General
388 pages; ISBN: 0743403460

Rating: 7/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


In Ancient Egypt, the Place of Truth is a village located in an isolated, nearly impossible section to reach portion of the Upper Egyptian desert. Here live the master builders, stonecutters, sculptors, and painters working exclusively for Ramses the Great. Because these artisans compose the tombs of the Pharaohs, very few individuals are allowed entry into the isolated village. Even the soldiers guarding the village are Egypt`s top guns.

The aristocratic Mehy once dreamed of joining the Brotherhood of this village, but in spite of his family background, was rejected. Hatred has grown deep in his heart to the point that he is willing to risk his rising military career as a talented charioteer to gain vengeance. His plan is simple. He would learn all the secrets of this proud elitist village. If plan a fails, he will destroy the village. He soon discovers the existence of a sacred stone, which leads to his murdering a Nubian guard and setting in motion a plot that could make Mehy`s plan come to fruition.

Christian Jacq, author of the wonderful five-volume Ramses historical fiction series, starts his new collection with an enjoyable Ancient Egypt tale. The story line is entertaining and brings to the audience interesting tidbits on life in ancient times. The support cast augments the tale as the audience obtains glimpses into their roles and relationships. However, the villain never comes across as realistic, perhaps because his underlying motive is never fully explained, so that it seems too stretched to be acceptable. Still Mr. Jacq`s latest epic novel (three volumes to follow) is another fabulous historical fiction work that paints a vivid panorama of life over thirty-five hundred years ago.


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