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   Choice of Evil

Choice of Evil
by Andrew Vachss

Category: Fiction / Mystery
305 pages; ISBN: 0375406476

Rating: 7/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Activist Crystal Beth felt strongly that she had to be at the gay rally in Central park though she was bisexual and her boyfriend private detective Burke objected. However, a drive-by shooter kills Crystal in what appears to be an attempt to destroy the rally. The police suspect Burke because of whom he is, but no evidence surfaces.

Meanwhile, a serial killing vigilante, Homo Erectus, begins a campaign to eradicate gay bashers and pediophiles. Law enforcement officials, much of the media and public want this self-appointed executioner stopped. Admirers of Homo Erectus hire Burke to safely bring him to them so they can keep their hero away from the cops. Though just starting his search, Burke is back in his element, the streets.

CHOICE OF EVIL shows that Andrew Vachss remains one of the darkest writers of urban mysteries that exists. Burke retains his over the edge mentality that makes readers either love or loathe him. The current well written but grimy story line has the usual suspects, but clearly centers on Burke, who is a living time bomb who gives meaning to hell in Manhattan.


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