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by Peter Ackroyd

Category: Fiction / General
224 pages; ISBN: 0140171134

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Nigel Utting


During the three years I spent as a student in the East End of London, I was facinated by the tiny alleyways, the Victorian cottages marooned in a sea of post-war prefabs, and the wonderful, wood-framed tide mills. This facination with `old` London, the river, the evocative street names, all attracted me to Peter Ackroyd`s Hawksmoor.

To his colleagues in the early years of the 1700s, Nicholas Dyer (a man who really existed) is architect of seven new parish churches to be built to the east of the City of London.

In private, Dyer is a man who despises those colleagues and lives in mortal fear that his esposal of a religion far older than christianity will be exposed.

It was no coincidence that individuals who would in general not be missed, the flotsam of society, were mysteriously killed and their bodies incorporated into the foundations of Dyer`s churches.

Almost 300 years later, Nicholas Hawksmoor, a London detective, is investigating a series of murders whose only link is with those same churches. If, like me, you like `old London`, you will enjoy Hawksmoor.


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