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   Mosaic Man

Mosaic Man
by Ronald Sukenick

Category: Fiction / General
261 pages; ISBN: 1-57366-079-5

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Paul Lappen


This somewhat thinly-disguised piece of fiction looks at the Jewish novel through the lens of contemporary Pop culture and cyberpunk. It`s a combination of history, memoir, daydream and acid trip.

Part of this book takes place in World War II era Brooklyn, where Ron dreams of bombing runs over Nazi-occupied Europe with Baseball Commissioner Kennesaw Landis. As a tourist in Jerusalem, he walks through a huge water pipe, still in use, built during the time of the Assyrians, over 2000 years ago. Included is a take-off on the movie The Maltese Falcon. Also here are stories of traveling through Europe, of getting drunk in 1950s Paris, and hanging out with Solidarity protesters in Poland.

Using the structure of the Old Testament, Sukenick also gives his take on the Golem story, the patterns of history, the differences among Jews, and the return of the Golden Calf worshipped by the people of ancient Israel.

If one section of this book doesn`t interest the reader, sit tight; Sukenick will suddenly take this book in a totally different direction.

I really enjoyed this story. It keeps the reader engaged, it`s very easy to read, and for those who like modern avant-garde fiction, it`s especially recommended.


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