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   Dawn on a Distant Shore

Dawn on a Distant Shore
by Sara Donati

Category: Fiction / Historical
480 pages; ISBN: 0553107488

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


In 1794 at the edge of the wilderness in Upstate New York, Elizabeth and Nathaniel Bonner live in marital bliss. Their idyllic life turns even more blissful when Elizabeth gives birth to twins. However, Nathaniel soon learns that the British government in Canada has arrested his father, Hawkeye.

Nathaniel travels to Canada to help his father, but instead finds himself incarcerated as an American spy. When Elizabeth discovers that her spouse could be hung for espionage, she takes her two children and Nathaniel`s pre-teenage daughter from another marriage in order to intercede on his behalf. Her efforts go astray when someone kidnaps the twins. Elizabeth and Nathaniel follow the trail to his ancestral home in Scotland where they hope to once again become the loving family they were before Hawkeye was imprisoned.

The sequel to the exciting INTO THE WILDERNESS, DAWN ON A DISTANT SHORE continues the post Revolutionary War adventures of the Bonner family. The lead couple is an invigorating duo who will charm readers even though at times their discussions seem so emoted that they feel comical. The support cast provides humor and depth as they help bring the late eighteenth century to life. The story line is impressive as the plot fully entertains the audience. Sara Donati creates an Americana epic that will receive much acclaim from fans and critics.


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