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Angel Fire
by Lisa Miscione

Category: Fiction / Mystery
278 pages; ISBN: 0312283040

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


As a teenager, Lydia Strong learned how to live up to her surname following the murder of her mother by a serial killer. The homicide shaped her personal and professional lives. She molded herself into a non-caring person so that she would never hurt again. Professionally she became a successful true crime writer who depends on her intuition to learn the truth.

Fifteen years later, Lydia is in Santa Fe where three people with no real ties to anyone recently vanished. She and the cops disagree as her instincts scream sly serial killer while Police Chief Simon Morrow insists just a trio of losers escaping from their mundane lonely lives. Lydia persuades private eye Jeffrey Mark to help her prove she is right. Jeffrey would do anything for Lydia, who he unrequitedly has loved since he met her when he was a FBI agent investigating her mother's murder. Soon corpses appear and Simon reluctantly begins to believe in Lydia’s intuition that dangerously takes the trio to the Church of the Holy Name for a final confrontation with evil.

ANGEL FIRE is a police procedural tale with an ESP-like private investigative twist to the plot. The lead trio makes an interesting team as a strange yet engaging relational triangle forms. The story line is gory and all over the place losing at times sight of the prime theme, but those readers who enjoy a bloodstained tale with likable protagonists will find Lisa Miscione’s debut novel to be heaven sent.

Harriet Klausner


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