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   The House of Gentle Men

The House of Gentle Men
by Kathy Hepinstall

Category: Fiction / General
240 pages; ISBN: 0380978091

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


1941 is the year that destroyed the teenager named Charlotte. First her mother died in a fire. Then three soldiers raped her. From that brutal day, Charlotte has not spoken one word since the attack. Charlotte abandons the baby born from that day of infamy.

Nine years later, Charlotte still suffers from battle fatigue from the abusive attack. She lives near THE HOUSE OF GENTLE MEN, a place where males can seek solace for the sins they have committed. Damaged women visit the despondent men every evening, but though they cuddle and dance together, intercourse remains unacceptable. The still mute Charlotte finds herself attracted to this house of male penitence. There she meets a remorseful Justin seeking to be forgiven for his participation in the raping of Charlotte nine years ago. As Charlotte and Justin begin to fall in love, he knows he must risk all he cherishes to tell his beloved the truth if they are to have a full and trusting relationship.

THE HOUSE OF GENTLE MEN is an intriguing tale that centers on remorse and redemption. The story line includes other vignettes besides the main one, but these blend back into the prime story line. The characters are interesting and fully developed as they struggle with guilt and pray for deliverance. If readers can accept the rules of the male retreat, they will enjoy a treat of a novel that is fresh and different, and will insist that Kathy Hepinstall provide more tales from this Louisiana house that is not a rising sun.


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