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   Guenevere - The Queen of the Summer Country

Guenevere - The Queen of the Summer Country
by Rosalind Miles

Category: Fiction / General
495 pages; ISBN: 0671018124

Rating: 3/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Rosemary Ness


"Guenevere" is the first novel in a series chronicling the life of the last of a line of Queens of the Summer Country. The daughter of Queen Maire Macha and King Leogrance, Guenevere comes to the throne of the Summer Country following the sudden death of her mother. Arthur has begun his quest to become High King and claim his birthright. From Avalon, Guenevere surveys the heroic exploits of the new High King abd then summons him to her side to claim her destiny.

All the characters are there - Guenevere, Arthur, Merlin and Nemue, but for me this book never quite gelled. This is fantasy - this is pearl white mares, feasts, maids and knights. This is "Famous Five" stuff - it`s tabloid Arthur. If you want something really light - heavy on dialogue, light on credibility - this is for you. If you prefer your Arthurian legend with a little more realism, try Bernard Cornwell`s fabulous novel The Winter King.


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Buy Guenevere - The Queen of the Summer Country at


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