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by Catherine Coulter

Category: Fiction / Historical
352 pages; ISBN: 051513225X

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


In 1823, Meggie Sherbrooke still loves the younger brother of her sister-in-law Jeremy Stanton-Greville as she has over the last six years. However, Jeremy looks at Meggie with the fondness of an older “almost cousin” and does not return her deepest feelings. Inadvertently, he hurts Meggie, who is still dreaming of becoming his wife, when he introduces her to his betrothed Charlotte Beresford.

Earl Thomas Malcombe courts a sad Meggie and she soon agrees to marry him. However, he overhears her telling her dad about her unrequited feelings for Jeremy leading to Thomas’ anger and jealousy, as he wants Meggie to love only him. The newlyweds travel to his home only to have to deal with a homicide and a murder attempt on Meggie. Her family arrives to keep her safe, which adds to increased jealousy on the part of Thomas. Will his feelings cause the end of the relationship with the woman he loves who now knows the difference between puppy love and adult love?

PENDRAGON, the “Bride” series next generation tale, is a strong historical romance that continues the Sherbrooke saga. The story line is fast-paced while the characters retain their depths and qualities that make them unique. Though Thomas is a strong male lead, his feelings of inadequacies towards his beloved make him human though may frustrate some readers; Meggie’s lack of male understanding (in spite of four brothers) lasts several chapters too long. Still Catherine Coulter provides her numerous fans with a gratifying novel that contains the magic of the Sherbrooke stories and the pleasant knowledge of more to come.

Harriet Klausner


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