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   Moment of Truth

Moment of Truth
by Lisa Scottoline

Category: Fiction / Crime
368 pages; ISBN: 0060196092

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Philadelphia socialite Honor Newlin manages the modeling career of her teenager. Honor becomes a murder victim in which her husband, successful estates lawyer Jack confesses to the crime. Police Detectives Kovich and Brinkley relish the ease of solving this high profile case. District Attorney Dwight Davis concludes that the killing is premeditated and decides to go for the death penalty.

The only problem with the official scenario is that Jack is innocent of murder. He tampered with the crime scene to turn the evidence towards him instead of his daughter Paige. He thinks Paige killed her mother after suffering years of emotional abuse from the woman. Feeling guilty for not stepping in over the years, Jack feels he deserves to spend life behind bars as a form of penitence. However, Jack had not realized how competent his attorney is and how much she believes she represents an innocent person.

Fans of legal procedurals know how good a Lisa Scottoline novel always is. The exalted authors latest tale MOMENT OF TRUTH stars a cast of characters who touch the heart of the reader. Especially endearing is Jacks lawyer Mary DiNunzio, a nave, pious, warm-hearted person whose empathy for the pain of other seems genuine. The storyline is interesting, as the reader knows the truth from the onset yet somehow the thrilling plot retains a high degree of excitement as one wonders how the tale will play out. Ms. Scottoline provides a special book that deservedly will gain her even greater acclaim.


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