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Malachi's Moon
by Billie Sue Mosiman

Category: Fiction / Horror
320 pages; ISBN: 0756400481

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Vampires exist in the world but they are not hell spawn or shunned by God. They once were humans who suffered from a mutated form of the disease porphyry. The disease is fatal and at the time of their death they choose weather to become a Predator, Normal or Craven vampire. Predators drink human blood and kill when necessary. They also run the blood banks that supply human blood for a price to Normals who try to act like the humans they once were. Cravens are fearful, sickly beings who beg for blood or do without.

Malachi is a dhmpire, born of a mortal father and Normal vampire mother. He has most of the abilities of the vampire but he is not immortal. Many believe he is the child of prophecy, destined to be a powerful vampire slayer. One who fears Malachi’s power has gathered an army of rogue Predators to destroy him and to take over the world. Balthazar joins forces with the insane but very powerful vampire Charles Upton. They intend to destroy the Cravens, turn the Normal into Predators, and rule the world the way they were meant to or die trying (metaphorically speaking).

Billie Sue Mosiman makes her vampires so detailed and realistic that readers come away believing that this secret society actually exists. The vampiric characters are complex, yet easy to understand because they are a cross section of the human population in all its glory and degradation. MALACHI’S MOON, the sequel to RED MOON RISING, is a special treat for lovers of the supernatural.

Harriet Klausner


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