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The Alchemist
by Donna Boyd

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
234 pages; ISBN: 0345441141

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


While visiting Central Park West psychiatrist Dr. Anne Kramer, Randolph Sontime makes incredible claims. He informs her that he is the assassin that used magic to kill someone in Geneva while he gave a speech to five hundred people in New York. He also alleges that he has lived since the dawning of civilization in Egypt using various names like Rasputin and Merlin. Randolph further explains that he is tired and desires the ultimate end so must tell his story to someone choosing her because he will be her latest “trophy”, but actually keeps a secret from her that ties the duo together.

He starts at the beginning as Han a child prodigy in Ancient Egypt studying alchemy along with two other brilliant students, Akan and Nefar. The trio shares a talent so superior to their peers and most of their teachers. They begin to go way beyond that of their schooling looking into the dark forbidden side of magic until Akan and Han also compete for the love of Nefar. Each of them loses sight of the philosophical balance that underscores their science.

THE ALCHEMIST is a deep magical tale in which the charismatic Randolph charms the audience with his narrative from the beginning to the end. The novel reads quickly and fans will do so in one sitting. The story line belongs to the male lead character even though Anne acts as a strong counterpoint and anchor. Donna Boyd writes a triumphant tale that entertains readers who will want more from this magical author.

Harriet Klausner


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