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Capatain Saturday
by Robert Inman

Category: Fiction / General
453 pages; ISBN: 0316415022

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Raleigh, North Carolina TV weatherman Will Baggett feels he owns the world as a big fish in a small pond after two decades as a local forecaster. A bit of a celebrity, Will loves his wife, is proud of his medical school son, and enjoys his work.

However, Will’s idyllic life abruptly ends when an outside conglomerate buys the TV station and gives him his pink slip. As Will’s professional world sinks further into the abyss, his wife’s real estate business soars because she snuggles up to her boss. With time to contemplate, Will realizes that his marriage is shaky and his son detests him. Being routed on all fronts including receiving a felony conviction, Will flees to his cousin Wingate’s home in order to regroup and start anew before he turns Five O.

Though Will is a meteorologist and not a mobster, the first part of CAPTAIN SUNDAY feels as if Anthony Quinn’s Roc Delmonico role in The Happening is moved from Miami to Raleigh. Both characters receive the same support from their respective families and friends during a crisis. Once Will leaves for his Wingate’s home, the tale becomes a soul-searching look for a new reason to live. The well-drawn characters, especially Will, his cousin, and his cousin’s amazonian girlfriend, engage the audience who want the lead protagonist to succeed in whatever he desires. Though the fall into hell seems overly done, Robert Inman provides a strong character-driven tale that hooks the readers’ interest through a powerful, peachy, and likable cast.

Harriet Klausner


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