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Long Train to the Redeeming Sin

Category: Fiction / Literary
178 pages; ISBN: 0-9712019-2-7

Rating: 10/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Nina Berrison


Making her literary debut with this hard-to-find-in-America collection of short fiction about several fascinating everyday women of Africa (and a few Queens), Kola Boof quickly establishes herself as not just a young, daring new voice, but also as a possible heir to the throne of great feminist writers like Alice Walker, Doris Lessing and Toni Morrison.
Making Kola Boof all
the more interesting is the fact that her works are much more immediate than the afformentioned authors in their entertainment value and very passionately rendered with an unapologetic rage that simply welds ones fingers to the page. Particularly strong are the stories "Boy Magic", "Black America Diva Girl", "Day of Vow" and "The Lioness". One by one, you feel as though you're being kissed, slapped, cussed and hugged all at once. It's quite an eclectic and controversial collection, and more than that, it's lots of fun to read. Kola Boof fully deserves the sort of cult following that her work is receiving among a growing pocket of black women readers and University Professors throughout America's African-American communities.



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