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   The Loop

The Loop
by Nicholas Evans

Category: Fiction / General
511 pages; ISBN: 0552144959

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Rosemary Ness


This is the story of the conflict between those who seek to protect wild wolves in the cow country of America and those who seek to destroy them. Set in Hope, Montana, it concentrates on the relationship between a biologist sent to defend the wolves and the son of a powerful local rancher, who is deeply hostile to the wolves.

From the heart-stopping first chapter to its devastating climax, this is a gripping story.

The style, not surprisingly, is very similar to "The Horse Whisperer". It`s a book of emotions - the characters are beautifully drawn and there are plenty of twists in reaction and counter-reaction to keep your interest. Wolves are a particularly appealing subject, and Evans` description of the relationships within the pack will also draw you into the story. I believe there`s a film on the way - if "The Horse Whisperer" was anything to go by, buy a box of tissues, a bar of chocolate and enjoy the book.


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