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   A Letter Of Mary

A Letter Of Mary
by Laurie R. King

Category: Fiction / Crime
282 pages; ISBN: 0002326566

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Luke Croll


Laurie King has already written six novels and with her seventh, she returns to the Mary Russell novels again. The series features Sherlock Holmes, but he has a new partner, Mary Russell, his wife.

The story is set in August 1923 and the Holmes household has moved to Sussex from London. A woman named Dorothy Ruskin suddenly turns up at the house, bringing a gift of stained papyrus from the Holy Land.

She is a friend of Mary`s from the past but not for much longer - she is murdered the next evening. The motive behind the killing is unsure but it is up to Sherlock Holmes and Mary Russell to investigate and find out the truth.

I had never read a book by King before and I was especially dubious on seeing that she had given Holmes a female partner, something that I had never imagined. However, as I am a great fan of Holmes and have read all the Conan Doyle stories, I pushed on and I found an incredibly enjoyable novel.

It is also such an easy read. King inserts references to Conan Doyle, Watson and many more and characters such as Lestrade are also there. Though it is set in the past, it only feels like it when King refers to police procedurals of the time. This obviously makes it feel very authentic and it is enjoyable.

The actual characters are very interesting and by giving Holmes a wife, King is developing his character even more than Conan Doyle did. Russell is also interesting and they make a formidable team. When this is put together with quite a thick plot, it makes for a great and simple read. If you are a fan of Sherlock Holmes, you cannot miss this book. I will now have to read the others in the series, for sure.


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