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by Brian Lumley

Category: Fiction / Horror
367 pages; ISBN: 0312878397

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


In the Balkans, Janos Ferenczy has raised the dead with plans to use his puppets to conquer the world. Only Harry Keogh with his Necroscope powers can return the dead to their resting-places and stop Janos’ evil scheme. However Harry still convalesces from his momentous battle with his son that cost him his Necroscope abilities in the process of winning this hollow triumph. Stripped of his powers, Harry knows he must help the dead as he has done in the past, but how to stop a master vampire-black magic practitioner with incredible skills, cunning, and prowess without his own powers seems impossible.

Harry’s only means of success is selling another piece of his already damaged soul by making a Faustian deal with another undead. Obtaining other allies, Harry leads the charge without pitchforks into the Transylvania castle where the final confrontation between the Necroscope and the master vampire will occur, but the stakes include a certain lady.

DEADSPEAK is the hardcover reprint of the fourth tale in Brian Lumley’s vampire series. The author provides background information that will help newcomers with the story line, but, though well designed, tyros will be better off reading the first three books before this one. Because of his extraordinary powers Harry Keogh has lived a life that would destroy the minds of most people yet he remains faithful to his responsibilities willing to go into hell for what he deems is a heavenly cause. This particular tale pays homage to Stroker and Le Carre/Fleming as an action-packed espionage horror tale that will please fans of both genres.

Harriet Klausner


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