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Fortress Draconis
by Michael Stackpole

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
528 pages; ISBN: 0553379194

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


A quarter of a century ago, the evil sorceress Chytrine made her bid to conquer the world and be named Empress. King Augustus led a mighty army that engaged her in battle to try to stop her achieving her ambition. He proved partly successful in that he captured her stronghold FORTRESS DRACONIS, but he failed to kill her. Augustus managed to restrain her in the north.

Still many lands are under her control and she is now once again making a new bid for power. She is trying to gather all the pieces of the magical artifact called the Dragon Crown together because once she has them she will be unstoppable. A new generation of heroes has risen up to destroy her including Will, a teenager from the Yslinn’s slums who is part of a prophecy that will spell Chytrine’s doom. Also battling the tyrant is Princess Alexia, a royal from the conquered land of Okrannel. She fights under the aegis of King Augustus using the moniker General Alex. Vilwan sorcerers have created the most powerful mage ever known, Kerrigan Reese, as their contributor to the upcoming war. Kedyn’s Crow and Resolute the Vorquelf whose land is also under the tyrant’s rule are training so Will can become the man that the prophecy describes.

FORTRESS DRACONIS is an epic fantasy on a par with the Lord of the Rings and the Shannara saga. There is enough action to keep readers turning the pages and the author develops his characters so well that the audience understands them and their motivations. It will be hard if not impossible to wait for the sequel to this exciting novel.

Harriet Klausner


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