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   Set In Darkness

Set In Darkness
by Ian Rankin

Category: Fiction / Crime
415 pages; ISBN: 0752821296

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Luke Croll


Rebus returns and he is still at home in Edinburgh. It is the return of the Scottish parliament and feelings are running high. DI Rebus is to be a liaison officer for the Parliament, based in Queensberry House, where a youth was once said to have been roasted to death on a spit by a madman.

The fireplace where the boy died is found and a more recent victim is discovered at the same time. In the gardens, a third body is uncovered and this one is a prospective MSP. Investigating, Rebus finds himself up against dangerous criminals and he comes to discover that there is big money at stake in Scotland`s independence.

As soon as I discovered Ian Rankin, I was hooked. I read each book he produced and have since gone back and read some of the older Rebus novels. So far, I have not been let down and I am pleased to say that `Set In Darkness` is no exception.

As Rankin goes from strength to strength, so does hard-drinking Inspector Rebus. I did not think that Rankin could have developed him any more, yet he still manages it. With Rebus having a relationship and another policeman to juggle, he shows greater depths and develops more than I thought possible.

The plot is excellent and Rankin throws out lots of little strands, before finally linking them all at the end to form a conclusion, which is satisfying and lets us know that Rankin is not finished with his Scottish policeman yet.

If you are an Inspector Rebus fan, this is a superb novel and in my opinion, it could well be Rankin`s best one to date. He certainly knows what he is writing about and I have to say that I felt sad when I finished this book, as I know that I`ve got a whole year to wait before another one turns up. Roll on next year!


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