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   Harry Potter and the Philosopher`s Stone

Harry Potter and the Philosopher`s Stone
by J K Rowling

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
223 pages; ISBN: 0 7475 3274 5

Rating: 10/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Ben Goodale


Been wondering what all the fuss is about over Harry Potter ? Me too. Read the book, and you`ll find out why. It may be allegedly for children but like a lot of the best stuff for kids (eg Toy Story, The Muppets) it actually works so well as an adult book it`s simply a stormer.

Using some traditional plot devices (the unloved orphan boy, the wicked step parents) it kicks off as Harry find`s out that there`s more to his parent`s death and his own unique talents than meets the eye. Before he knows it (but not before we see his aunt and uncle hilariously overcome by witty magic) he`s off to the school for Wizards, Hogswarts, and into an amazing adventure which sees him sneaking around school at night, bumping into the school ghosts, meeting giant devil dogs called Fluffy, using a cloak of invisibility, and learning all about flying brooms and making spells. This is sort of St Trinians meets Discworld meets Lord of the Rings.

What makes all this so tremendous is the excellent characterisation of the school masters, ghosts, his family and friends, and the fact that the plot twists and turns as fast as his broomstick when under the grip of evil forces.

You won`t put it down, it certainly ain`t just for kids.


Buy Harry Potter and the Philosopher`s Stone at
Buy Harry Potter and the Philosopher`s Stone at


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