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by Melvin Burgess

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
370 pages; ISBN: 0765300486

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


By the beginnings of the twenty-third century London is in ruins with warlord like gangs ruling over segments of the city. A wall similar to that built during the Roman period is constructed around the decimated metropolis more for keeping the riffraff inside and isolating the genetically engineered vermin known as halfmen out of the city. This leaves many decent folks trapped in a dangerous environs.

The Volsons and the Conors, two of the strongest gangs, agree to merge through the marriage of their children. However, the groom betrays his future in-laws during the ceremony killing all but two, the bride and her brother. The Halfmen feast on the bodies of the Volsons. Signy, the fourteen-year-old bride, thirsts for vengeance, but has few avenues if any to succeed as she now struggles to survive. However, Odin followed by Loki and his daughter appear. Are they the real Ancient Greek Gods or a hoax and if genuine will they aid Signy in her quest?

Based on the first part of the classic Icelandic Volsunga Saga, BLOODTIDE is an exciting futuristic epic tale that will thrill adult and young readers alike. The plot is loaded with action and turns believers of readers that the “history” and the “current events” occurred. However, the tale belongs to the key cast members who rotate first person narration enabling the audience to understand their motives. Though tagged a children’s novel, fans of all ages of epic fantasy will fully enjoy Melvin Burgess’ powerful story of a horrific future that makes the world feel as if it has gone full circle.

Harriet Klausner


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