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   The Falls

The Falls
by Ian Rankin

Category: Fiction / Crime
479 pages; ISBN: 0752844059

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Luke Croll


Ian Rankin brings Rebus back once again, this time searching for the
daughter of a wealthy and influential banker. Has she simply run away
or is there more to it? Rebus finds the trail leading to an internet
role-playing game, and DC Siobhan Clarke is put in charge of this
tack. However, is she old and wise enough to be able to take on the

In my opinion, Ian Rankin has yet to write a bad book and this is no
exception. 'The Falls' is a fast-paced, enjoyable and for the most
part, technically accurate thriller. There are a couple of things that
do not ring true on the computer side, but they do not detract from
the novel as a whole, and I doubt that they would be noticed by
someone with little internet knowledge.

It is interesting to note that in this novel Rankin builds a lot more
on the character of Siobhan Clarke. I wonder if he is readying himself
for when it is time for Rebus to go the way of the Farmer, and needs
someone to take over. For me, the books will not be the same without
John Rebus, should that be the case.

For the coffins and the RPG game, Rankin put in all sorts of clues.
Although the reader was unlikely to be able to solve them
individually, it made incredibly interesting reading and the mix of
Edinburgh's history with the police procedural aspect was very

Once again, Rankin has written a great novel that is sure to join the
best sellers for a long time.


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