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There Are Doors
by Gene Wolfe

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
313 pages; ISBN: 0312872305

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


He spent last evening in bliss, but in the morning, headache and all, her note saying she loved him, but had to go back stuns him. Taking aspirin, salesman Mr. Green searches for his beloved, but Lara Morgan seems to have vanished. He knows very little about her, but realizes she left clues such as her confusion over recent modern appliances like icemakers and mentioned something about doors.

Mr. Green soon believes that Lara is the Goddess who once in a while finds a human lover. Her choice in men is nice males who reside on the fringe of society. She gives them her all before leaving, but the man left behind is ruined for any other female. Mr. Green knows he must find the doors, enter, and risk all to reclaim his beloved as his. He soon finds a strange doll store that has a doll that looks like a teenage Lara. He now has hopes to locate the doors, but if he succeeds will he embark on a journey to heaven or hell?

THERE ARE DOORS is a reprint of a classic Gene Wolfe romantic fantasy. The story line is cleverly devised as Mr. Wolfe revises Saki’s the Lady or the Tiger and places it in a fantasy world, that is if the reader accepts Mr. Green as sane. Fans of Mr. Wolfe need to realize this novel is vastly different than his epic tales yet quite entertaining as the nondescript Mr. Green finds a reason to live, a quest for love.

Harriet Klausner


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