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Conan the Rebel
by Poul Anderson

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
295 pages; ISBN: 0765300729

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Due to the machinations of the evil sorcerer Tothapis, Set the reptile God cruelly rules Stygia. Set warns Tothapis that a threat to their well being comes from the alliance between Conan and Belit, who met in sword to sword combat, felt an attraction and joined sides. Belit leads pirates trying to free her people from the reptile’s rule while Conan lays back providing strategic advice to her.

Everything changes when Conan finds the Axe of Veranghi. Instead of just advising, he begins to take charge. Along side Belit, Conan leads her force in combat as they close in on a final confrontation with the reptile God and his wicked minion including the powerful Tothapis.

The great Poul Anderson takes readers on a journey into the Cimmerian world of Robert E. Howard. The story line of CONAN THE REBEL starts a bit slower than usual for our hero meaning body counts that would make Westmoreland and MacNamara envious. This enables the audience to understand better the support cast, but not why Conan seems more like California mellow than the wild barbarian that is expected of him. Once Conan returns to his normal tendencies, the head count geometrically grows and the action with it. Though a fine tale, purists will feel this is not Mr. Howard or even the Marvel comic.

Harriet Klausner


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