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Black House
by Stephen King & Peter Straub

Category: Fiction / Horror
625 pages; ISBN: 0375504397

Rating: 10/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Two decades have passed since Jack Sawyer saved a different world from destruction, but remembers nothing about his heroism. Over the subsequent years Jack became a LAPD homicide detective until an incident propels his subconscious mind into pushing him into a retirement in Coulle County, Wisconsin before he recollects his non-earthly gallantry.

Life near the upper Mississippi is pleasant for Jack until a series of gruesome homicides occur. Someone is dining on the town’s children. Chief of Police Dale Gilbertson knows his staff is undermanned and inexperienced. He asks his buddy Jack to help with the investigation into what appears is the youthful reincarnation of Albert “Fisherman” Fish, a killer who used the same modus operendi several decades ago. As Jack makes inquires he obtains aid from an assortment of fringe characters, but also begins to believe that the Fish is the puppet of something more malevolent and deadly.

The sequel to the TALISMAN is an incredible collaboration by two grandmasters brilliantly merging the best that each one brings to a novel into one of the top books of the year. The story line is a superb horror tale that terrorizes the reader with fear. The characters seem genuine especially Jack. The references to other novels adds a Speilberg-like appeal especially to fans of Stephen King. Many times the reality never comes close to the hype, but BLACK HOUSE does that and more as Mr. King and Peter Straub co-author a classic that hopefully will not require twenty years for the next team-up.

Harriet Klausner


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