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Catching Water in a Net
by JL Abramo

Category: Fiction / Mystery
224 pages; ISBN: 031228232X

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Jake Diamond owns Diamond Investigations, a San Francisco based private investigative firm. In fact, Jake works as the company’s only investigator with an office assistant keeping the case records (as few as they are) and his tie clean. Based on the recommendation of a friend who once hired Jake, Evelyn Harding wants to retain the sleuth to look for her missing husband Harry, vanished for four days.

Not interested beyond making a quick buck, his interest soon peaks when he learns that Harry was a partner of Jimmy Pigeon, Jake’s mentor and teacher in the private investigative business. Jake learns that LAPD believes Harry Killed Jimmy with the motive being an argument over whether to sell their million dollar net-based business. Because of the identity of the victim, Jake drives to LA allegedly to find Harry, but in reality to insure Jimmy's killer receives justice.

With this debut novel, JL Abramo became the winner of the St. Martin’s Press PWA Award for Best First Private Eye Novel. Sub-genre fans, who read CATCHING WATER IN A NET, will agree with that assessment as the engaging story line is amusing yet somewhat coarse mostly due to the antics of the lead protagonist. Jake is a wonderful lead character who the audience will find enticing and demand more of his adventures. Using the homicide of his revered guru as the impetus for Jake’s involvement cleverly allows readers to learn more about the hero while the plot flows forward. This novel lives up to the award it already won.

Harriet Klausner


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