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The Redemption of Sarah Cain
by Beverly Lewis

Category: Fiction / General
0 pages; ISBN: 0764223291

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Margie Cross


It was my piqued interest of the Amish people (following a trip to Ohio's Amish country this summer) that led me to Beverly Lewis's novel of faith and family ties among the Plain people. The title is self-explanatory, as THE REDEMPTION OF SARAH CAIN concerns a non-Amish businesswoman (or, as the Plain people call us, "English") who becomes guardian to five Amish children following the sudden death of her widowed sister -- a convert to this unique faith.

The prospect of uprooting from her comfortable, modern home in Oregon to a quaint, spartan farmhouse in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania is unappealing to Sarah, despite the fact that her relatives observe the practices of the New Order Amish who do use electricity. Yet duty compels her to make the trip, and slowly Sarah warms to her nieces and nephews while searching for a more suitable foster parent. The oldest child, Lydia, is close to marrying age in her community yet unable to care for her siblings alone; she yearns to marry Levi King but is aware that keeping her family together is her first priority, even with the possibility of having to leave the fold.

A moving story which emphasizes the faith that strengthens the familial bond, REDEMPTION unfolds Sarah's internal grief as it related to the estrangement from her sister's family, and gradual road Sarah walks which leads not only to forgiveness of self, but an understanding between two different worlds. REDEMPTION is an inspirational read for anyone interested in the Amish way of life.


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