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A Common Life: The Wedding Story
by Jan Karon

Category: Fiction / General
182 pages; ISBN: 0670894370

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Margie Cross


Once I discovered Jan Karon's engaging and uplifting Mitford series I immediately devoured all six books in just a short period, relishing the anecdotes of Father Tim Kavanaugh and his faith-filled community. The drought I have experienced since finishing A NEW SONG last year has left me wanting for new tales of Mitford, and I am appeased somewhat with A COMMON LIFE: THE WEDDING STORY.

If you are familiar with the Mitford stories (if you are not, visit Penguin Putnam for a site dedicated to this series) you are aware that Father Tim and the vivacious Cynthia Coppersmith began a fragile courtship that culminated with the announcement of their wedding in the second novel, A LIGHT IN THE WINDOW. By the third book, THESE HIGH, GREEN HILLS, the newlywed Kavanaughs are experiencing the trials and joys of balancing marriage with their duties to Mitford's Episcopal congregation. A COMMON LIFE fills in the gap between these two books.

A COMMON LIFE is really a simple story, reintroducing favorite Mitford citizens as they prepare for the town's most anticipated wedding. Spirits are high and conflicts are few: Dooley Barlowe, Tim's foster child, frets about his future in the Kavanaugh household while a prominent parishoner known for her orange marmalade cake frets about being passed over for the honor of creating the wedding cake. To be sure, Father Tim has his own doubts about being able to give himself wholly to two factions -- family and church. All worries are washed away, however, through the power of faith and a happy ending Mitford fans will enjoy.

My only wish, however, is that Karon will continue forward with the Mitford series. Reading A COMMON LIFE is somewhat akin to enjoy a flashback episode of a favorite television series. The story is enjoyable, but you are still left wanting. Here's hoping Karon will continue into the future with tales of Tim and Cynthia and their extended family.


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