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Mother Ocean, Daughter Sea
by Diana Marcellas

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
416 pages; ISBN: 0312874847

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


On the planet Yarvanett, Brierly Mefell is fully aware of the heritage of her people the Shari’a. The Allemanii massacred most of the Shari'a fearing the powers of the witches. Any individual who shows the gift of witchcraft is put too death. The few survivors were scattered. Brierly lives in a cave because she has the outlawed feared power.

In spite of knowing the danger of discovery, Brierly provides healing services to the very people who committed genocide against her race and would kill her if they knew. However, a calling forces Brierly to surface in order to save the life of an Allemanii noblewoman. Brierly knows she can no longer hide amidst her enemies. Ready to escape Brierly hesitates because she has found another Shari’a witch. Brierly believes she needs to protect this sister at even the cost of her own life.

MOTHER OCEAN, DAUGHTER SEA is an exciting opening fantasy that readers will find delightful because the key players seem real. The story line is loaded with the fears of the Allemanii towards the mostly dead witches of Shari’a and that haunts most actions. The key to that tale is that palatable phobia and that Brierly and her powers feel genuine. Diana Marcellas has opened up with a strong novel that will mesmerize the audience who will want the next two books released immediately.

Harriet Klausner


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