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   Lady of Sherwood

Lady of Sherwood
by Jennifer Roberson

Category: Fiction / Historical
384 pages; ISBN: 1575664755

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Melanie C. Duncan


Five years have passed since the events in Lady of the Forest. Robin and Marian live quietly in her manor, with Will Scathlocke, Little John, Much and Friar Tuck. Pardoned by King Richard, they have avoided the Sheriff of Nottingham as much as possible, but the King is dying in France. Dying, ironically, as a common thief after attempting to take a castle for a non-existent treasure. Long live King John. Once again Robin and his men take to Sherwood Forest to avoid the Sheriff`s long-awaited vengeance.

While Lady of Sherwood stands well enough alone, it is best savored as the sequel it is meant to be. Roberson draws you in, and before you know it, midnight is long gone, the last page turns, and you still want more Robin, more Marian, more Roberson.


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