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   Trial And Retribution III

Trial And Retribution III
by Lynda La Plante

Category: Fiction / Crime
280 pages; ISBN: 0333781538

Rating: 7/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Luke Croll


This is the third of Lynda La Plante`s novels to feature DI Pat North and Detective Superintendent Mike Walker. Now working in separate departments, Walker is investigating the disappearance of Cassie Booth, whilst North is trying to appease Stephen Warrington, a persistent complainer.

However, as suspects appear, North and Walker realise that the cases might actually be linked. However, who is behind the disappearance of Cassie Booth?

This one is very short and I am not sure which came first - the TV version or the book version. All of this series have been televised to acclaim and this one was no exception. Like every La Plante novel, the characters are good and the plot is strong. I have to say that this one bore a lot of resemblance to the last one, with the defendants being linked.

These police procedurals are very different to her `Cold` series, starring Lorraine Page and different to `Widows`. They are similar to `Prime Suspect`, so if you were a fan of those, this might be right up your alley.

An enjoyable La Plante, nothing particularly special about it though. I hope that she is at work on a new novel that will boost her popularity even more. A third in her `Governor` series, perhaps?


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